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Continuing Legal Education Program at Bitcoin 2024

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The Bitcoin 2024 CLE Program in Nashville, Tennessee, is an ideal opportunity for attorneys and stakeholders interested in exploring the intricate legal landscape of Bitcoin and digital assets. Set for July 24, 2024, at Music City Center, this program offers up to 7.25 hours of CLE accreditation.*

Key topics covered by the program:

  • Technology & Regulation: Gain a deeper understanding of Bitcoin's technology and regulatory environment, including banking regulations and compliance with AML and KYC policies.
  • Bitcoin & the Bill of Rights: Explore how Bitcoin intersects with privacy, expression, and other rights under the Bill of Rights through case studies and legal precedents.
  • Investing Structures & Custody: Delve into the legal considerations of Bitcoin ETFs and IRAs, focusing on custody arrangements and regulatory adherence.
  • Legal Aspects of Bitcoin Mining & Contracts: Understand the legal nuances of Bitcoin mining, including contract law and hosting agreements.
  • Power Contracts in ERCOT: Learn about the legal frameworks governing power transactions within the Texas Interconnection and ERCOT’s role.
  • Bitcoin in the Courts: Investigate how Bitcoin is treated in bankruptcy and class action litigation, examining current cases and emerging legal trends.

This Bitcoin 2024 CLE Program is an essential resource for professionals eager to advance their legal proficiency and navigate the complexities of the Bitcoin ecosystem, ensuring they are better-prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by this rapidly evolving sector.

*Approved in Tennessee