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CLE & Industry Pass Bundle at Bitcoin 2024

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The CLE & Industry Pass Bundle is tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise and networking at Bitcoin 2024. This package offers both extensive legal insights and premier business networking opportunities, ideal for those involved with Bitcoin and digital assets.

CLE Program Highlights

Hosted on July 24, 2024, at Nashville's Music City Center, the Bitcoin 2024 CLE Program provides up to 7.25 hours of CLE credits.* Key topics include:

  • Technology & Regulation: Explore Bitcoin's technology and its regulatory requirements, focusing on compliance issues.
  • Bitcoin & the Bill of Rights: Assess how Bitcoin interacts with privacy and expression rights.
  • Investing Structures & Custody: Discuss legal considerations of Bitcoin ETFs and IRAs, focusing on compliance and custody.
  • Legal Aspects of Bitcoin Mining & Contracts: Understand the legalities of Bitcoin mining and related contracts.
  • Power Contracts in ERCOT: Learn about the governance of power transactions within ERCOT's framework.
  • Bitcoin in the Courts: Review how Bitcoin is treated in bankruptcy and litigation contexts.


Industry Pass Benefits

The Industry Pass enhances your conference experience by providing:

  • Full Access: Gain complete access to the three-day conference, including Industry Day and the business-focused Enterprise Hall.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with industry leaders through a sophisticated AI networking app and exclusive events.
  • Additional Perks: Enjoy daily catered lunches and access to our conference Expo Hall featuring 200+ booths.

This bundle is perfect for attorneys and business professionals aiming to lead in the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering both deeper legal understanding of the sector and significant networking opportunities.

*Approved in Tennessee